NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Songwriter Hall of Fame member and BBC Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Don McLean continues to be creative, even in times of quarantine. McLean, always wanting to help others, took to his iPhone and made a very special video showcasing unique tips and techniques on playing the guitar, songwriting and live performances. Teaming with USA Today, this exclusive video release is available.

As social distancing continues, this is the perfect video for anyone looking to gain knowledge of the music industry, songwriting process, or simply desiring entertainment from a lyrical legend. As part of the nearly thirty minute video, fans and aspiring artists will not only enjoy learning historical facts about Don’s career, they will also learn many helpful tools that take a lifetime to craft through success, failure and everything in between.

“I always get asked how I play certain notes on the guitar,’ says McLean. “I figured since I have some downtime I might as well help show all those people who have asked over the years how I do it and it was pretty fun actually.”

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