Here are a couple of photos from Patrisha McLean of Don with friends Ed Begley, Jr, Lori Lieberman and academy-award winning actress Cloris Leachman backstage at his recent show in Pasadena, CA.

Nearly 40 years ago Lori Lieberman attended another McLean concert in LA, her experience of which was captured in the song “Killing Me Softly With His Songs“. Despite their long shared connection, this was the first time that Don McLean and Lori Lieberman had ever met in person.

“I used to perform comedy at The Troubadour in Los Angeles in the Sixties and Seventies, and after one such night in 1972, I found myself face-to-face with Don McLean, an artist I greatly admired.

He had just seen my act and found it amusing. Though instantly suspect of his taste in comedy, I wasn’t about to talk him out of it, and he arranged for me to audition for his manager the following night.

Things happened quickly after that. I signed with his manager and wound up touring the country playing clubs and colleges and concerts and occasionally opening for Don.

That last part was definitely my favorite, opening for Don. I was a huge fan. His songs are some of my favorites, and his beautiful tenor is the best.”