David Brinn, Jerusalem Post

“McLean was the consummate professional in presenting his master class of the Great American Songbook.”

Paul Rhodes, The Press

“McLean has earned his place at rock’s hall of fame, and York’s sell-out crowd would have him playing still.”

Dave Simpson, The Guardian

“McLean’s own Castles in the Air is lovely, and hearing him sing ‘Vincent’ – his youthful eulogy to Van Gogh – is magical, a bucket-list moment.”

James Hall, The Telegraph

“A sprawling rumination on counter-culture’s impact on the American dream. One-by-one, the largely baby boomer audience sprung up like popping corn, singing every word and confirming American Pie as their Hey Jude or Wonderwall.”

Marilynn Kingwell, The Times

“His masterpiece remains one of the great achievements of the singer-songwriter era: eight and a half minutes of allegory, reflection and melody documenting the history of rock’n’roll and the death of 1950s innocence. He played it, of course, and brilliantly, getting...